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Arizona photographer Steven Sable‘s travels throughout the southwestern United States led him to some interesting acquaintances and a new personal mission. On the Navajo, Hopi, and Ute reservations he visited, Sable came across a multitude of “Rez Dogs” — stray dogs that live on the reservations without owners, veterinary care, or guaranteed food and shelter. Through his photographs of these dogs (which he calls the Rez Dog Biographies), Sable wants to draw awareness to the plight of the Rez Dogs and raise money for the care of the homeless pups that have touched, and sometimes broken, his heart.

From Sable’s site:

My career as a photographer developed from a serious disillusionment with Corporate America. I was thrilled to have the freedom to travel but appalled at the number and condition of Rez Dogs that seemed to be everywhere. Near the end of 2006, I finally adopted a particularly desperate mutt south of Page, AZ. My fascination with her durability and innate intelligence led to an interest in the Rez Dog phenomena. Soon my trips up North were focused on documenting the dogs. The series of images that became the “Rez Dog Biographies” are simply a tool that I use to raise money to support spay/neuter, adoption, and educational programs directed at ending the suffering. In short, I’ve hired myself as their fundraiser, and so far they’ve been the best bosses I’ve ever had.

You can visit Sable’s site to view the rest of the portfolio and order prints to help support the Rez Dogs.

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