Things on Dogs by Benjamin Flouw

I’m willing to bet a good amount of real American money that every one of you out there has, at some point, put something on your dog for your own amusement, be it sunglasses, some fruit, or perhaps assorted foliage. Why do we do this? Because it’s so unbelievably entertaining, that’s why. I once put a handful of cotton on Dottie’s head as if she were an old lady and proceeded to laugh for about 27 minutes straight. French artist Benjamin Flouw‘s Things on Dogs gets it – there is just something so inherently wonderful about, well, things on dogs. I love how the dogs in his illustration series look so happy. Why are they happy? Because dogs love it when we put things on them.







You can check out more of Flouw’s work here.

[h/t Honestly WTF]

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