This Former Architect Remixed His Life to Design Furniture for Fellow DJs

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This Former Architect Remixed His Life to Design Furniture for Fellow DJs

At one time it was supposed that a DJ required nothing than two turntables and a microphone – alongside a well curated collection of vinyl – to get a party started right. But in today’s era of digital music you don’t even need physical elements like vinyl records or turntables to mix music. What any disc jockey would appreciate, regardless of whether identifying as old or new school, is their very own custom designed DJ booth like those constructed to spec by audio cabinetry maker JJ Boooth.

Two modern wooden speakers with black subwoofers and tweeters, part of the JJ Booth DJ booth furniture collection, are displayed under angled lighting casting soft shadows.

We first became familiar with JJ Boooth from his collaboration with Germany-based New Fidelity and their JJ8.1 active studio desk speakers. Constructed using birch plywood, the compact speakers share some of the same tenets as Boooth’s custom equipment: a focus on DJ-centric furniture for enthusiasts. If you’re looking to display your collection of turntables, vinyl, mixing boards, synthesizers, and speakers – tempered by a home furnishing aesthetic rather than leaning into club set-ups – JJ Boooth has got you covered.

Modern home audio setup featuring a pair of large speakers, an amplifier, a digital audio player on a wooden JJ Booth DJ booth filled with vinyl records.

Designs like the Unit 056 showcase the furniture maker’s thoughtful attention to detail, with each piece made bespoke to its end-user’s setup, abiding by the notion of “everything in its place, with a place for everything.” The former Parisian architect left his previous life behind and moved to Berlin to pursue a passion for the design and construction of furniture informed by the skills to spin on turntables. “I had already built two DJ booths for myself,” explains Boooth in an interview with BPM Music. “When I showed them to my friends they asked me, ‘Why won’t you do that for others?’ Then I got a first customer, and a second… This is how I decided to try doing that for a living.”

A wooden shelf with compartments filled with vinyl records and a black amp and pre-amp on top.

A vinyl record player on an orange JJ Booth shelf, with compartments underneath filled with assorted records.

A pair of Sony headphones rests on a Technics turntable placed on a JJ Booth DJ booth, with vinyl records stored underneath.

Designs like the 051 unit shown below present itself more closely aligned as a piece of home furniture rather than the typical DJ workstation, with handsome wood detailing, under cabinet lighting, and a plenitude of storage for record collections.

A cozy living room featuring a large record collection in a wooden shelf, a green coffee table, a JJ Booth DJ booth furniture piece, and a fireplace with a mirror above it.

Similarly, the profiles of both JJ Boooth’s 043  and 046 each hit the sweet spot between a home theater media console and room divider all the while retaining the ergonomic height of a DJ setup.

A living room featuring a wooden cabinet filled with vinyl records, a JJ Booth DJ booth, flat panel TV, speakers, and decorative items, bathed in natural sunlight.

A dark wood shelving display unit with DJ equipment incorporated across its top, with a modern mushroom shaped yellow lamp and speakers on stands nearby.

It comes as no surprise that Boooth, the 2019 founded company’s proprietary designer, has origins rooted in an architectural education alongside experience with cabinet making. Production of each commissioned piece is carefully carried out in multiple stages from collaborative design with clients to complete construction in either Paris or Berlin, depending on his place of residence at the time. Additionally, Boooth devises each creation for simple dismantling and reassembly, looking ahead to the day when a move may be in the cards. This combination results in a catalog of configurations with an appeal extending well beyond those just dedicated to the artistry of disc jockeying.

Attic space with a wide DJ station booth outfitted with two turntables and mixing board, with small arched window above it.

A gray DJ booth turntable station set near a large window overlooking Paris, with the Eiffel Tower visible in the distance.

Interested parties should note JJ Boooth’s operation comprises a small team, with an estimated wait time of around 4-5 months for any piece ordered. And for the time being, delivery is only available within an 800km radius of Paris, France.

For information including price and options specific to your project, you can reach out to JJ Boooth via their contact page here.

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