TIO: Where Sustainability Meets Oral Care

May of the products that we use daily have been reinvented to leave less of footprint. It was only a matter of time until that the toothbrush gets a sustainability update.


Meet TIO. TIO is a toothbrush that combines clean design, efficient oral care, and reduces environmental impact. Made of bio-plastic, 60% less packaging materials are needed to create the toothbrush. The brush head is removable, so rather than changing out your toothbrush every few months, you only need to replace the brush head. As a result, waste is reduced up to 70% compared to traditional toothbrushes.





TIO is made in Germany and is currently on kickstarter.

After surviving a quarter life crisis, Nanette went from working in healthcare canadian meds to pursuing her loves of design, food and writing. During the day she works in social media marketing, by night she writes for Design Milk. You can find more of her work at