Tyde by Ronan + Erwan and Bouroullec

Tyde is a minimalist design created by France-based designers Ronan + Erwan Bouroullec for Vitra. Most stand-up or sit-down tables are only available as standalone desks, but Tyde is able to bring the best of both designs into a consolidated double workstation. The desk includes a cable channel and technical beam that can hold utensil trays, file boxes, adapters for monitors and table lamps.


The designers took into consideration various challenges and details that many other open-planned workstations struggled with. One particular issue was to address an acoustic noise issue that affected many of the heigh-adjustable tables. As a solution, the Bouroullec brothers decided to include a quiet electric motor that would operate the height adjustments. In addition, the motor is concealed underneath a sound-proof polyester fleece.

The desk currently has three height-adjustment variations: an electric motor for stand-up/sit-down tables, a hand crank, or a manual locking mechanism for seated variations. There are also add-on options available such as monitors, CPU holders, and technical beam accessories. Electric outlets can be accessed directly on the surface of the desk.









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