Van der Waals Ferrofluid Speaker Makes Music Dance Before Your Eyes

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Van der Waals Ferrofluid Speaker Makes Music Dance Before Your Eyes

Ferrofluid is a weird and wondrous mixture comprising insoluble nanoscale ferromagnetic particles suspended in an oily fluid. When exposed to a strong magnetic source those particles are compelled to clump together and begin to dance in an endless array of configurations that seem almost alive in movement. Now imagine that same odd-mesmerizing effect applied to an audio system engineered to turn music into a dancing globular dance party.

Spherical audio speaker with black half and clear front display with ferrofluid inside.

The Van der Waals Bluetooth 5.1, USB-C speaker – named after Dutch physicist and Nobel laureate Johannes Diderik van der Waals – looks something like an angled snow globe. But instead of a miniature wintry wonderland housed within, the Van der Waals displays a 9-inch ferromagnetic visualizer containing what can only be described as snot-like splot of ferrofluid. Paired with 2x15W mid-bass speakers and 2x15W tweeters, the liquid undulates and moves like an uninhibited Burning Man reveler in response to frequencies and music volume.

Two Van der Waals speakers set on each side of a desk, alongside an Apple iMac computer.

The speakers can be used solo or paired in a stereo configuration.

Back of speaker showing USB-C charging port and in/out ports.

Exploded view of speaker.

The Van der Waals speaker is currently seeking crowdfunding until January 7th, 2022, with an early bird pricing starting at $399. More information here.

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