You and Your Dog Can Match Every Time It Rains Thanks to AAPETPEOPLE

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You and Your Dog Can Match Every Time It Rains Thanks to AAPETPEOPLE

Everyone loves their dog, and then there are those that L-O-V-E them, and both are acceptable in my book. There are those that feel like their dog’s furry coat is the perfect outfit and others that acquire an entire wardrobe for them that rivals their own. If you happen to fall into the latter category, take it up a notch and try matching with your bestie when it rains. If you’re up for twinning, AAPETPEOPLE has you covered…literally and figuratively. In January 2020, the brand launched and now sells the Weather Proof Collection, which includes a poncho for people and a coat for dogs. The hand-sewn coats are made in NYC out of an iridescent, waterproof and wind-resistant material. They’re reflective making it easier for cars and buses to see you when you’re out walking your pup at night or on rainy days!

Person and dog wearing matching raincoats

And if the fashionable gear wasn’t magical enough, AAPETPEOPLE is committed to eco-friendly and sustainable production practices, and they donate a portion of every purchase to help with the 70+ million homeless cats and dogs in the United States. They not only talk the talk, they walk the walk (with dogs in tow).

dog lying down with raincoat on

person and dog in matching raincoats

person holding a dog in matching raincoats

dogs on the street in matching raincoats

dog raincoat

The Weather Proof Pet Coat comes in four sizes – S, M, L and XL – so you can outfit your dog whether they’re a pug or a golden retriever. The relaxed-fit coat features six snaps down the front to help keep their belly nice and dry, while front sleeves protect their legs from getting wet and muddy.

iridescent rain poncho

The unisex Weather Proof Pullover Poncho features a drawstring hood with Japanese hand-twisted rope, a chest zipper for easy on and off, and double pockets – one for each hand and one to hold your phone or keys while out.

rain poncho closeup

rain poncho closeup

rain poncho closeup

rain poncho closeup

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