2016 Year in Review: Where I Work

We’re fascinated seeing how and where designers work as that’s the birthplace of all of their ideas. Not only does our Where I Work column feature their workspace, it shares a glimpse into the designer’s mind and how they work. It’s the end of 2016 so we’re going back through our archives to see everyone we featured this year.

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2016 Year in Review: Where I Work

Where I Work: Kim Herforth Nielsen of 3XN Architects
Kim Herforth Nielsen, of 3XN Architects, shared a look at the firm’s new offices to get an idea of how he and his team work.


Where I Work: VOLK Furniture
We’ve crushed on the work of the Brooklyn-based VOLK Furniture for several years and were then able to explore the workspace where the furniture is designed and made.


Where I Work: Noa Santos & Will Nathan of Homepolish
We spoke with Homepolish co-founders, Noa Santos and Will Nathan, about their workspace, work styles, and how they get it all done.


Where I Work: Madeline Weinrib
For this Where I Work, textile and rug designer Madeline Weinrib gave us an inside look into her New York City workspace and her own work habits.


Where I Work: Jamie Bush
Los Angeles-based designer Jamie Bush gave us insight into the workspace where all the design happens.


Where I Work: Frida Escobedo
Mexico City-based architect Frida Escobedo makes an impact well beyond her own country. We checked out her home base.


Where I Work: BOWER
New York-based BOWER, founded in 2013 by Danny Giannella and Tammer Hijazi, shared with us their Brooklyn studio where they get it all done.


Where I Work: Chad Phillips of KWAMBIO
KWAMBIO’s Creative Director Chad Phillips gave us a look at how his startup operates and for a peek inside their Brooklyn studio.


Where I Work: Samuel Wilkinson
Over the years, we’ve highlighted the work of Samuel Wilkinson, a London-based industrial designer, and here he shared his office space and design process.


Where I Work: Nana Spears of Fort Makers
For this Where I Work, Nana Spears, co-founder of Fort Makers, gave us a look inside their Brooklyn studio where they make it all happen.


Where I Work: Chen Chen & Kai Williams
New York-based Chen Chen & Kai Williams is a design studio in Brooklyn and they gave us a peek at the studio where they design their furniture and objects.


Where I Work: Shanan Campanaro of Eskayel
In this Where I Work, Shanan Campanaro gives us a look at the brand-new Eskayel NY headquarters and insight into how she does it all.

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