2019 Year in Review: Unframed

Every month we tap our resident art expert David Behringer to seek out and report back to us what’s happening in the modern art world in New York City galleries. He finds the best exhibitions and shows we didn’t even know existed and opens our world up by giving us a bird’s eye view of the artist and their work. If you missed his posts or want to take another look, take a visual dive back into NYC’s art scene to see what he covered in our Unframed column in 2019.

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2019 Year in Review: Unframed

Overglazed: The Sculpture of Brian Rochefort
Brian Rochefort’s sculptures are an explosion of clay, texture, and color. His latest works were on view in New York at Van Doren Waxter in an exhibition titled “2030”.

for more, 2018 (detail)

Emil Lukas: The Art of Bubble Wrap, Thread, and Larvae
Artist Emil Lukas’ exhibition at Sperone Westwater in New York mixed new work from four different series across three floors of the gallery.

Jacob Hashimoto, The Garden of Cosmic Violence (detail)

7 Intricate Objects from Armory Art Fair Week
Design Milk checked out Armory Art Fair Week to share seven incredible artworks that stood out as the most intricate and magical objects we’d seen lately.

Lands Apart, 2018

The Dazzling Damaged Photographs of Paul Anthony Smith
Paul Anthony Smith pierces and picks the surface of his photographs thousands of times to create a surface that is both scarred and dazzling.

Death Star 2018 (detail)

The Weight of Bullets: Sculpture by Robert Longo
Robert Longo’s “Death Star 2018” hanging sculpture holds 40,000 bullets that each represent a life lost to gun violence in the United States.

David Allan Peters, Untitled #2, 2019 (detail)

Carving Paint: The Art of David Allan Peters
The work of David Allan Peters is technically made of paint but the visual effect is achieved by carving thousands of gouges into the thick surface.

Bait the Hooks, 2019, 14″x11″

Unpainting: The Ethereal Art of Ryan Crotty
Ryan Crotty’s latest paintings, shown at the High Noon Gallery in NYC, trick your eyes as the canvas is not transparent and the surface is not emitting light.

Horizontal Composition with Embedded and Impressed Doorknocker Earrings with Gold (2019), in the lobby of 45 Rockefeller Plaza

Finding the Art of LaKela Brown at Rockefeller Center
Artist LaKela Brown references African-American culture and her personal love of 90’s hip hop in new sculptures at Rockefeller Center.

Marco Maggi, INITIALISM installation at Josée Bienvenu Gallery, NYC 2019 (detail)

The Self-Adhesive Intricacies of Marco Maggi – with the Lights Off
New York-based artist Marco Maggi cuts and arranges thousands of tiny pieces of self-adhesive paper into complex collages.

YOUTH, 2019 (AD/584)

A Fog of Color: The Sculpture of Aleksandar Duravcevic
Nine of Aleksandar Duravcevic’s reflective, stainless steel sculptures filled the TOTAH gallery in New York’s Lower East Side.

A Partial Disassembling of an Invention Without a Future: Helter-Skelter and Random Notes in Which the Pulleys and Cogwheels Are Lying Around at Random All Over the Workbench (9 October 2013–8 October 2014)

Walead Beshty: White Shadows
Artist Walead Beshty produced over 11,000 blue cyanotypes of EVERY object that passed through his studio over the course of a year.

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