2020 Year in Review: Our Shop Faves

2020 is quickly coming to a close (yay!) and with that we’re checking out the most popular, the go-tos, the best of the best, top-selling designs from our Design Milk Shop. The top 10 includes a bit of everything, from puzzles to candles to pet beds… Can you guess what’s #1? Read on to find out which designs have been flying off the (virtual) shelf here at Design Milk in 2020.

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2020 Year in Review: Our Shop Faves

10. CLIP LUXE Wall Hook by Bendo >>> Featured here
Bendo has taken wall hooks to a new level with the CLIP LUXE which is in the shape of an oversized paper clip. The clever, multifunctional hook can be used anywhere in your home or office to hold coats, towels, aprons, magazines, dog leashes, you name it! Available in Black, Copper and Chrome.

9. zMask by Zimarty >>> Featured here
Zimarty flipped the face mask game on its head with the release of their origami-inspired zMask. It features a 3D folded structure that rests around the mouth offering more space to breathe and talk while wearing it. Since we’re stuck wearing masks for who knows how long, we might as well make it fashionable, right? Available in Crimson, Emerald, Stone Gray, Dark Knight, Saffron and Sapphire.

8. Anton Strainer Bowl by Caveman Factory >>> Featured here
Caveman Factory has a way with kitchenware by making it modern yet simple, beautiful and functional. This strainer bowl is a multifunctional hit as you can go from washing produce to draining pasta to serving a meal, all within the same bowl. It also helps reduce water usage by 60% which is a major bonus in our book.

7. Porter 12oz Mug by W&P >>> Featured here
If you’re typically on-the-go or like to enjoy your cup of coffee or tea while working, the Porter Mugs have a lid to provide that extra barrier in case the mug gets tipped over. They’re made with a matte silicone exterior that makes it comfortable to grip as you sip throughout the day. Available in Slate, Mint, Blush, Cream and Charcoal.

6. Wick Brass Portable LED Candlelight by graypants, inc. >>> Featured here
Candles are great and all but sometimes you need something to burn longer and the Wick does just that. Looking just like a candle, this energy-efficient LED fixture is portable which means it can go everywhere with you with no cord, plug or flame. Use it at home, in the backyard or while camping and set the mood with Wick’s three light levels, or a pulse mode that mimics the flicker of a real candle flame. Available in the original Brass finish and now in Graphite.

5. Adulting Fig + Cashmere Candle by Anecdote Candles >>> Featured here
It’s no surprise that candles continue to be one of the most popular products we carry, especially the ones from Anecdote Candles. They have enticing aromas, like the Adulting candle which has a delicious blend of fig and sandalwood infused with grapefruit and lemon, and playful captions that will conjure up memories of the past.

4. The Moon Puzzle by Four Point Puzzles >>> Featured here
Perhaps one of the coolest puzzles on earth, this puzzle features a mesmerizing NASA photograph of the moon. The circular puzzle was released to mark the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing where Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to set foot on the moon. It’s challenging but well worth it when you see the finished puzzle!

3. Sand Mat by Heymat >>> Featured here
Inspired by Japanese Zen gardens, this sand-colored mat has a 3D pattern that’s both tactile and meditative. The mats, which are made from 100% recycled plastic, can be used indoors or out and feature an anti-slip backing so it will stay in place.

2. Muffin Pet Bed by Pets and Pods >>> Featured here
It’s no surprise something pet-related showed up on this list since so many of us are obsessed with our four-legged friends. These Muffin Pet Beds are modern and look cool making it a no-brainer to leave out for every visitor to see and not something you feel like you have to hide when company comes over. This two-layered design is for cats or small dogs and it gives them two cozy places to relax. Also available as a higher version with long legs.

And the most popular item in the Design Milk Shop in 2020 is…

1. Radiant Crystal Water Glasses by Puik Design >>> Feature here
These elegant glasses aim to elevate your drinking experience, whether wine, whiskey or water. Their diamond-shaped form allows them to be set in different ways which creates mesmerizing reflections as the light hits the glass and the liquid inside. Plus, their $39 price point, which includes two glasses, can’t be beat making them a great gift for yourself or someone else!

Caroline Williamson is Editorial Director of Design Milk. She has a BFA in photography from SCAD and can usually be found searching for vintage wares, doing New York Times crossword puzzles in pen, or reworking playlists on Spotify.