Best Product Roundup Posts of 2021

We covered a lot of products in 2021 – from the best table lamps and innovative kitchen tools to stylish pet accessories and home decor, our team of design experts tried and tested it all so you can shop the best in modern design. But of all our specially curated collections of modern goods and recommendations, which received the most love in 2021? Let’s look at the most popular product roundups of 2021.

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Best Product Roundup Posts of 2021

10. 8 Modern Wall Clocks to Help You Keep Track of Time

Wall clocks have the ability to make a functional statement as wall art or objet d’art, whether you have batteries in it or not (guilty!). And while keeping track of the hour and minute might be the last thing you feel like doing, sometimes it’s a must – so it may as well look good doing it. Here are 8 favorites from our clock collection that will ease the pain of it already being 2022, if even just a little bit.

modern birdfeeder

9. 10 Garden Accessories That Will Modernize Your Oasis

If making sourdough bread was the pandemic trend of 2020, gardening was definitely the winner for 2021. It seems like everyone started their gardens this year, whether it be on their apartment patio or full raised beds in their backyards. When it comes to gardening, of course your plants take priority, but as you wait for your seedlings to take off, why not add a little decor to your space? Being able to find a contemporary version of a watering can or bird feeder can be hard but luckily for you, we did all the hard work so you can enjoy your new oasis.

graypants pendant light

8. 10 Bold + Modern Pendant Lights Designed to Make a Statement

After a while of living in a space, it’s easy to ignore light fixtures that were left behind by the previous inhabitants. It’s like we develop blinders to them, especially when you just can’t afford to change them all out at once. When you finally bite the bullet, though, it completely changes the look and feel of a space making it almost hard to remember what was there before. If you’re looking to make a statement or two in your own space, check out these bold and modern pendant lights that will make you love your home again.

yew yew glass pipes

7. 10 Smoking Good Designs for a Relaxing Good Time

Today’s modern smokewares have come a long way since those early head shop years when smoking paraphernalia sold behind the counter steered toward the whimsical and sometimes downright strange. These days it’s not uncommon to discover the talents behind all variety of contemporary pipes, accessories, and merchandise are the same designers or artists responsible for your favorite homewares or furnishings – aesthetic objects worthy of leaving out in the open. Discover 10 of our current favorite smoking accessories that pack in a notable load of good design.

dog with herzog collar

6. 6 Pet Essentials You Need on Hand for Your Next Walk

Walking your dog twice a day, every day might seem like a chore when you don’t have the time for it or are scrambling around at the last minute for the leash. Setting up a routine and having all the pet essentials right at the door is key to making sure you and your furry family members are getting your steps in. We rounded up pet essentials you should always have on hand for your next walk, whether it’s a trail hike or just a stroll around the neighborhood!

oaky wood charging dock

5. Products You Didn’t Know You Needed but Will Love

We’re always on the hunt for that next thing that’s going to make our lives easier and better. If it’s well-designed and durable, well, that’s even better. We rounded up our favorite things that you may not have known you needed, but without a doubt will love.

beast blender with hand adding ingredients

4. 10 Kitchen Gadgets That Make Cooking More Fun

Looking for something to make cooking fun again after spending so much time at home in the kitchen lately? Us, too. Prepping, cooking, and storing your food can be a bit more entertaining with some handy and user-friendly products. To help you out, we handpicked 10 kitchen gadgets, all of which have brilliant design in common, that are proven to WORK.

koncept table lamps

3. 10 Iconic Table + Desk Lamps for Modern Interiors

We all know how much lighting can affect the mood of any given space, but a lamp is so much better when it looks as good turned off as it does turned on. Here are 10 of our favorite iconic table and desk lamps that will make your modern interior SHINE with unique style and personality.

pantone color of the year very peri

2. Pantone Color of the Year 2022: PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri

Here we are, the end of another year and that means one thing in the design world – the Pantone Color of the Year announcement! Are you ready? The Pantone Color of the Year 2022 is… PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri! The global color authority announced a new blue-ish color that’s a “dynamic periwinkle blue hue with a vivifying violet-red undertone,” and further explains “this happiest and warmest of all the blue hues introduces an empowering mix of newness.” Want to experiment with the color of the year in your home? Read on for our Very Peri inspired picks!

And the most popular round up of 2021 is…

heymat rug

1. Brands You Have to Know if You Love Scandinavian Design

It’s no secret that Scandinavian design has become synonymous with modern design. The style is characterized by clean lines, pastel and neutral color palettes, and natural materials sourced responsibly. Its emphasis on minimalism gives it a timeless appeal while its commitment to sustainability aligns with peoples’ mindfulness for the planet. If you are looking to add more Scandinavian design to your life, these are the Scandi-cool brands we think you should know.

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