Five Favorites

Savannah Hayes_Geometric Throw

There’s never a shortage of cool stuff we want to share, this month’s five faves include some cool home decor, architecture and cool gadgets!

Savannah Hayes had designed a beautiful collection of throw blankets with geometric patterns so you never have to choose between warmth and style. Most of the designs are black and white, but there’s a few with some mod colors to spice things up a bit.

Kapture_Recording Wristband

Between today’s phone technology and app options, we have lots of ways to capture moments. Whether it’s a short video that lives for 24 hours or photos that can live forever.

But what about the moments we hear? How do we capture those? Here’s how… With the Kapture wristband recorder.

Senz_Drip Umbrella

We’ve shared this cool umbrella design before, but the Senz umbrellas have some fun patterns, including this colorful drip design. These are sure to come in handy with this season’s predicted rainfall…

Photo by Jose Campos

Photo by Jose Campos

While some homes are propped up on basic structural foundations, this home by João Mendes Ribeiro is propped up by a concrete wine cellar!

Caliu Plus_BBQ

Too cold to grill outside this Winter season? Try this mini grill from Caliu, which can sit right on top of your dining table. They have some other cool styles and grilling products that are worth checking out.

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