The House Milk Kitchen Project: Sliding Doors Video Part 1

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The House Milk Kitchen Project: Sliding Doors Video Part 1

Back when I posted the first part in this series of my sliding door renovation, I had just had what felt like a hundred people in and out of my house. Between filming a renovation, doing interviews and having an entire wall of your home demolished, I had no idea what I’d gotten myself info! I have a newly-found respect for renovators and designers who are on HGTV!


However, it was a pleasure partnering with the marketing department at Architectural Digest, Marvin Windows & Doors, and the team at Hamilton Building Supply, specifically Keith Coleman.

When Keith initially arrived at my home, we spent some time examining the doors and talking about what I wanted to do. We wanted to put in new doors that feel and look as high quality as the other finishes and materials that we used in our kitchen renovation. Additionally, because the architecture of my home is so specific and tied to a particular era, I felt it was important to stay true to the original design of the doors. In other words, simple, modern doors with modest moldings so that the view is really the star of the room. This is the actual drawing we came up with:

The flat casing appealed to me because it was downplayed and allowed us to focus on the view. We also settled on satin nickel handles to complement my stainless steel appliances.

Remember I mentioned we did some videos? Here’s the first one:

I was so nervous, but I think it turned out really well. I have to credit the entire team for making me feel at ease through the whole process.

Tune in next time for the final reveal!

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