The Minimalist Mjolk Tambour Cabinet by Thom Fougere

03.19.20 | By
The Minimalist Mjolk Tambour Cabinet by Thom Fougere

Mjolk Tambour Cabinet is a minimal cabinet created by Canada-based designer Thom Fougere for Mjölk. Working within the fields of product design, architecture, and furniture, Thom Fougere has had works exhibited on the international platform as well as lead the design for EQ3’s expansion across Canada and the United States.

Fougere’s most recent collaboration sought the creation of solid oak or walnut cabinet that features sliding tambour doors, which can wrap entirely around the back of the frame. The movement of the doors as they bend around the corner is both a tactile and auditory experience within itself.

A gap is purposefully left between the doors and frame in order to allow users to get a glimpse within while also being able to appreciate the sliding doors as a tectonic and mechanical phenomenon divided from the cabinet’s structure.

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