2016 Year in Review: Deconstruction

If you’re anything like us, you’re curious about how things are made. That is why we invite designers and brands every year to allow us behind the scenes to get a peek at how they do it. We’re taking a look back at our Deconstruction archives from 2016 to see just how our favorite designs come to fruition.

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2016 Year in Review: Deconstruction

How the Contortionist Palindrome Fixture Comes Together
Rich Brilliant Willing shares the process of how the Palindrome, an adaptable, sculptural fixture, was designed and made.


How Urban Electric Co. Makes Their Houe Fixture
We took a look at Charleston, SC’s Urban Electric Co. and their minimalist Houe light fixture, designed by Creative Director, Michael Amato.


The Making of Contour’s Geometric Lynn Ring
We fell hard for Contour, a modern jewelry brand based in Tel Aviv, and they shared how they make a handmade geometric ring in this Deconstruction.


Artist Brian Yap on How iPad Apps Transformed The Way He Works
We followed artist Brian Yap along as he revisited a classic design with his own signature style, using some high-tech tools along the way.


How Grovemade’s Catch-All Came to Be
Grovemade took us through the process of how one of their storage pieces in the Entryway Collection, the Catch-All, came to life.


How Phloem Studio Makes their Captain’s Chair
Ben Klebba, of Phloem Studio, shared with us how his handcrafted, wood and woven cord Captain’s Chair is made.


The Making of Corbé’s Fifty United Plates
Corbé gave us an inside look at how they make their Fifty United Plates, a series of porcelain plates that fit together to form a map of the United States.


How Pigeon Toe’s Hazel Pendants Are Made
We got to take a look at the extensive, handmade process Pigeon Toe Ceramics goes through to make each Hazel lighting pendant for Rejuvenation.


The Making of 13&9’s Rock Collection
13&9 gave us insight into how their Rock Collection of lamps and tables are made with the help of razor-thin stone veneer…


How Side Project Skateboards Are Made
We saw how Houston, Texas based Side Project Skateboards, a one-man operation, handcrafts skateboards from a variety of found and recovered hardwoods.


How Michael Aram’s Molten Metal Collection is Made
American born artist and designer Michael Aram shared the process of his newly launched collection where he explores metal in a whole new way.


How Block Shop’s Soleri Scarf is Conceived
Block Shop shared the process of their Soleri Scarf’s evolution, from research, experimenting, printing, dyeing, to finished product.


The Making of Merkled’s Net Stool
Merkled took us through the manufacturing process of their Net Stool, which combines a machined and welded steel frame with a flexible knotted seat.

Caroline Williamson is Editor-in-Chief of Design Milk. She has a BFA in photography from SCAD and can usually be found searching for vintage wares, doing New York Times crossword puzzles in pen, or reworking playlists on Spotify.