2023 Year in Review: Designer Desktops

This year marks another 12 months of Designer Desktops, one of our oldest columns on the site. We love collaborating with different artists, brands, and creatives to design free downloadable desktop wallpapers that showcase a range of artistic styles, from graphic design to textiles to wallcoverings. If you missed any of 2023’s designs, be sure to check them out below for a ton of inspirational quotes and eye-catching backgrounds for your tech devices.

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2023 Year in Review: Designer Desktops

January 2023 by York Wallcovering and Madcap Cottage \\\ DOWNLOAD

watercolor art

February 2023 by artist (and Design Milk founder!) Jaime Derringer and textile and wallpaper brand Eskayel  \\\ DOWNLOAD

wavy graphic art desktop download

March 2023 by graphic designer and artist Mario De Meyer \\\ DOWNLOAD

black and beige desktop art

April 2023 by illustrator, graphic designer, and multidisciplinary artist Jen Du \\\ DOWNLOAD

graphic art that says love

May 2023 by artist Amelia Graham \\\ DOWNLOAD

shards of art desktop design

June 2023 by illustrator Daniel Ramirez Perez \\\ DOWNLOAD

blue and white desktop art

July 2023 by design studio URBS Studio \\\ DOWNLOAD

rainbow of wavy lines

August 2023 by design studio Kapitza \\\ DOWNLOAD

geometric graphic design desktop

September 2023 by graphic designer and illustrator Ray Dak Lam \\\ DOWNLOAD

brown and green stripes

October 2023 by Annabel Inganni of textile studio Wolfum \\\ DOWNLOAD

leaf wallpaper design

November 2023 by textiles and wallcoverings brand Momentum \\\ DOWNLOAD

watercolor desktop

December 2023 by artist Glenyse Thompson and A Street Prints \\\ DOWNLOAD

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