Best Friday Five Posts of 2016

Every year, we reach out to select designers, architects, artists, and creatives, and ask them to pick five things. What can those five things be? Absolutely anything they love, anything that inspires them, or just some favorites – it’s completely up to them. Every week, we get completely different responses that always surprise and fascinate us. Now we’re going to look back at the 10 most popular Friday Five posts from 2016.

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Best Friday Five Posts of 2016

10. Friday Five with Lindsey Adelman
Designer Lindsey Adelman, whose name you can’t mention without thinking of her unforgettable, sculptural lighting, shared five things that she loves.


9. Friday Five with Zoë Mowat
In this Friday Five, designer Zoë Mowat, who hails from Montreal, Quebec, where she produces furniture and objects, told us what keeps her inspired.


8. Friday Five with Alex Schleifer of Airbnb
San Francisco-based Alex Schleifer, Vice President of Design for Airbnb, shared five things that inspire his creativity in this Friday Five.


7. Friday Five with Debbie Millman
New York City-based Debbie Millman is a woman that’s almost impossible to categorize, wearing many design hats and doing them all impeccably well.

Photo by Bas Berkhout

Photo by Bas Berkhout

6. Friday Five with Jon Burgerman
Born in the UK, NYC-based Jon Burgerman is a contemporary artist, or one might say, a professional doodler and he gave us a look at 5 artists that have inspired him.


5. Friday Five with Anita Cooney
Anita Cooney, both a designer and educator who was named Dean of Pratt Institute’s School of Design last year, shared what keeps her inspired.


4. Friday Five with Laurie Pressman of Pantone
Laurie Pressman, the Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute, shared five things that keep her creatively inspired in this Friday Five.


3. Friday Five with Marie Kristine Schmidt of Bang & Olufsen
If you’re a Design Milk reader, you’re familiar with the Danish electronics brand Bang & Olufsen and we spoke to Marie Kristine Schmidt about inspiration.


2. Friday Five with Lee Broom
We checked in with the always busy London-based lighting, furniture, and interior designer Lee Broom to see what he loves and keeps him inspired.

And the top Friday Five post of 2016 is…


1. Friday Five with Heath Ceramics
We had a look at the things, people, and places that Heath Ceramics owners, Catherine Bailey and Robin Petravic, love and that inspire them.

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