GamFratesi Designs Coffee Tables Resembling Doric Columns

06.30.22 | By
GamFratesi Designs Coffee Tables Resembling Doric Columns

Doric Coffee Tables are minimalist coffee tables designed by Copenhagen-based studio GamFratesi for Gubi. Presented during 3daysofdesign, the coffee tables feature a vertical fluting closely resembling its namesake: the Doric column. Greek and Roman architects used grooves to present a more rounded profile while maintaining rhythm and balance to the form.

Not unlike the Danish-Italian duo that make up GamFratesi, the table is an expression of dualities, harmoniously merging opposing characteristics into a single, coherent expression. The table will be available in two sizes and in two types of natural stone: travertine or limestone.

Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi explain, “By reinterpreting a feature of Classical architecture, the Doric Tables bring the weight of history into a contemporary environment. The particular shape of the leg manages to be rigid and formal but at the same time decorative and soft. In the fluted detail, a solid stone element becomes ornamental, while maintaining the overall geometry of the design.”

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