Best Skim Milk Posts of 2021

Each week our resident minimalism expert, Leo Lei, shares architecture, interior design, home furnishings, and tech that have been pared back and removed of any extras. Today, we’re revisiting the 10 most popular Skim Milk posts of 2021.

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Best Skim Milk Posts of 2021

10. Montréal’s Berri House Is Built for Privacy in a Dense Neighborhood

Designed by Architecture Microclimat, the Berri House is a minimal residence in Montréal, Canada, where the architects were challenged with optimizing the maximum capacity of the site in order to welcome a contemporary building that would respectfully integrate with the rest of the neighborhood.

Main kitchen gallery

9. The Minimalist Bulthaup Sant Cugat Showroom Feels Like a Home

Bulthaup Sant Cugat is a minimal kitchen showroom in Barcelona designed by Francesc Rifé Studio that evokes an intimate, domestic feel. Soft details and warm tones bring balance to the aesthetic.

8. The Minimalist La Doyenne House With a Majestic Spiral Staircase

A minimalist, single-family home located in Plateau Mont-Royal, Canada, La Doyenne House was designed by _naturehumaine with a majestic spiral staircase as a focal point.

7. The Phénix House Blends European and Asian Aesthetics

Phénix House is a minimal home in Montreal, designed by Appareil Architecture that balances European and Asian aesthetics through the use of materials, styles, and influences.

Wet Allure Suite Bedroom

6. Mystique: A Modern Retreat Hotel Overlooking the Aegean Sea

Surrounded by panoramic views of the Aegean Sea, Mystique is a luxury hotel located in Santorini, Greece, designed by Mary Kavagia and Frank Lefebvre. Regional charm, Cycladic architecture, and technology bring old and new together in this oasis.

5. The Minimalist Patricia Residence in Montreal by Dupont Blouin Architectes

A minimal home in Montreal, Canada, the Patricia Residence was designed by Dupont Blouin Architectes to integrate an extension throughout three levels of the structure to create a large dining area and multifunctional space.

4. The Gulbenkian House Is Renovated While Preserving Original Details

Gulbenkian House is a residence in Lisbon, Portugal designed by Maison Amarande, who utilized modern elements while continuing to preserve original details of the home.

3. An Old Carriage House in Brooklyn Becomes Minimalist Family Home

In Brooklyn, New York you’ll find Verandah Place Townhouse, a minimal residence designed by Space4Architecture for a modern family of five. The building’s origin, a carriage house, dates back to the late 1800s.

2. Profile Transforms IKEA Cabinets into a Minimalist Kitchen

Reform collaborated with Norm Architects on a modern collection of kitchen doors and drawer fronts that are compatible with IKEA’s SEKTION cabinets and Reform’s own cabinets to create a modern, minimalist kitchen.

And the most popular home furnishings post of 2021 is…

Interior of Piaule Cabin featuring Piaule bedframe

1. Piaule Catskill Is a ‘Landscape Hotel’ of Cabins in Upstate New York

Piaule Catskill is a ‘landscape hotel’ getaway in Upstate New York that features 24 minimalist cabins with immersive views of the surrounding wooded landscape. You’ll also find a communal area and spa – ideal for city dwellers looking for a little getaway.

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