Best Roundup Posts of 2013

Roundups offer a whole lot of bang for the buck when it comes to inspiration. We rounded up everything from gift ideas to pools to homes made from shipping containers – basically, we covered it all. Take a look back at the best roundup posts from 2013…

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Best Roundup Posts of 2013

10. An Alternative to the Sliding Door: 12 Pivot Doors Leading to Patios
The almighty pivot door is changing the game, elevating how patios look and function. Here, we rounded up 12 pivoting options that will make you forget about the sliding kind.

9. Architectural Inspiration: 12 Modern Houses with Black Exteriors
The black house trend has been on the rise and the idea left us smitten. We picked 12 homes with a variety of looks that all feature black exteriors, making you see just why this trend is happening.

8. 10 Uncommon Gifts For Someone Who Has Everything
As lovers of UncommonGoods, we couldn’t help but highlight some of their offbeat and affordable products that would make the perfect gifts for the most difficult person on your list.

7. Add Some Warmth: 12 Plywood Interiors
Plywood, the unfinished and inexpensive material, has been popping up everywhere, from furniture to covering entire rooms. We showed you 12 spectacular spaces featuring this simple material.

6. 12 Modern Pools That Make a Big Splash
There’s nothing finer than taking a dip on a hot summer day. Image doing that, and getting to lounge poolside, in one of these modern delights.

5. Love You, Mean It: 20 Awesome Valentine’s Day Cards
Since Valentine’s Day only comes around once a year, make it count by sending a card. We found 20 that will help you express your feelings of love.

4. 15 Modern Christmas Decorating Ideas
Just in time for the holidays, we offered you 15 decorating options to give your space a festive look for a modern Christmas.

3. 12 Kids Rooms That Make Us Want to Go Back In Time
Not all children, and their parents, want princess fairylands and sports themed spaces so we selected a dozen non-themey rooms for the kids in your life.

2. Interior Design Ideas: 12 Inviting Concrete Interiors
While exposed brick had its day back in the 90s, other more raw and industrial materials are having their moment now, like concrete. We rounded up 12 interiors where concrete is used and used well.

And the most popular Roundup post of 2013 is…

1. 12 Homes Made From Shipping Containers
Shipping containers have become a new option when it comes to building homes. They’re modern, low-cost, and environmentally friendly. Take a look at 12 really cool homes that make them work.

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